"Space and silence are two aspects of the same thing. The same no-thing. They are externalization of inner space and inner silence, which is stillness: the infinitely creative womb of all existence."

Eckhart Tolle
I’m fascinated by space & silence and I try to translate this through music.

I have graduated with a master's degree in composition for screen (University of Lyon) in 2018 and has taken part in some internationally acclaimed projects over the past years.

My debut album Funambulist has just been released. Click here if you wish to listen to it (CD available worldwide! :)

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A few excerpts

  • 'Nine dream-like instrumental compositions.'
    About Funambulist
  • 'I kind of find myself after listening to something as beautiful and delicate as that.'
    About Funambulist No1
  • 'The debut EP from musician & movie composer Rémi Fay holds the promise of future musical wonders.'
  • 'Wonderful music!'
    Aki Yli-Salomäki
    Composer & Journalist
  • ‘Funambulist is a testament to the simple that soothes the listener with its undemanding and well-produced sonic landscapes and captivating combination of tension and silence.’
    No Transmission
  • 'I can't thank you enough, as the music that you sent is at a very high level.'
    Spaceman's transmissions (tonepoet)
    About Funambulist
  • 'This is sumptuous music, the space taken to breathe as the piece gently unfolds lends it a precious quality that makes you want to guard and hold it close.'
    Max Pilley
    About Funambulist No4
  • 'Funambulist painstakingly frames time, space & place with his succinct piano, ambient noise & well chosen collaborators.'
    the slow music movement
  • 'As if by magic, gravity blows us down to prevent falls ; this debut album is an exceptional moment.'
    les oreilles curieuses
  • ‘A perfect combination of strings and keys in the hands of a master.’
    music dances when you sleep
    About Funambulist No4
  • 'This work is a true journey to the limits of our own self.'
    boulimique de musique
    About Funambulist No4
  • ‘I’m discovering Funambulist No4, astonished, each second unfolding slowly and tenderly, impressed by the celestial atmosphere of the piece.’
  • 'Creative ambition is not a weakness when it’s at the service of humility and harmonious silence (...) This is what french composer Rémi Fay means with his Pleurésie EP.'
  • 'utterly transfixing compositions that seem to exude a sense of stillness and silence in the space between the notes. Deep and Transportive, these compositions stay with you long after they are finished.'
    tome to the weather machine
    About Funambulist
  • 'This song is exquisite. The way the strings soar at the end just takes you to a higher place. It’s just absolutely stunning.'
    About Funambulist No2



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